I’ve been asked a lot recently what actually is strength and conditioning? It’s a very good question.

My role as a strength and conditioning coach is to improve and enhance the performance of my athlete in their chosen sport.

In other words I’m not here to coach you on how to clear a gap jump or get over a drop but I am responsible for providing you with the tools to make your bodies perform to the best of their ability. I’m here to make you stronger and more powerful and to make sure you have the correct mechanics to be able to perform and to prevent any injuries from happening. All of this will give you the best advantages and improve margins to produce maximal results.

Let’s make this more specific to Downhill mountain biking!

The first thing that is so important to me is looking at the correct biomechanics of the body and assessing if there is any corrective work that needs to be done. I find that a lot of athletes and clients try to build strength on broken foundations which always leads to strength gains plateauing or worst case scenario injury.

Any client/athlete I take on has to undergo this initial testing to make sure we are personalising everything we do which will produce the best and most accurate results.

Secondly you need to be conditioned for your sport, in DH you have to be able to sustain a pace throughout a whole run whether that be 2 mins or 4 mins you will need to have a good aerobic capacity to able you to recover quickly between sprints, and the anaerobic ability to actual produce the sprint.

Strength is a big necessity to act as a stabiliser when you are on your bike, if you imagine all the different terrains you might bike down and the effects different conditions can have on that, stabilising strength is going to help you adapt to all those situations.

Strength and endurance is also important to help you hold your positions on a bike and be able to sustain your grip and leg positions for a long period of time. Then you need the ability to produce power when needed, for jumps and sprints.

I think one of the more forgotten skills sets is having the ability to manoeuvre yourself with the bike easily, so being agile is very important too. A big part of this is having good concentration levels and awareness of what is coming. Having a well-rounded training program has been proven to improve this greatly!!

The way to tackle this all is to have a well-structured program that is personalised from accurate testing results and tailored to you, this is what I can provided. For further information please feel free to contact me at Anna@coachgreco.com.

Anna Greco

Founder, Coach Greco

Interested in learning more about the benefits of strength and conditioning? Join Anna and Ben Moore at Flyup 417 Bike Park on Wednesday 26th April for an evening uplift service where you can learn all about strength and conditioning for the sport and get to ride with Ben and the Flyup team riders, there will be freebies, food and lots of fun to be had. Please contact Anna for more info and to book your place.

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