Flow MTB are pleased to be working with Anna Greco, Founder of Coach Greco and an experienced Strength and Conditioning coach to bring you strength and conditioning tips.  Strength and conditioning work can make you faster on the bike but they can deliver a host of other benefits too:

  • slow the loss of muscle mass improving strength, health and facilitating weight control
  • improve bone health, specifically bone density
  • by being more robust and resilient, you will be less likely to injure yourself and less time laid up with an injury means more time on your bike

So, whether you’re looking to get fitter and stronger for life or to improve your performance on your mountain bike Anna’s monthly articles can help you achieve those goals.  Here’s a little bit about Anna…


My passion for sports and my determination has driven me to where I am today.

I always needed to have a purpose for what I was doing in the gym and that has been so much more rewarding than just training to train. I love seeing all the hard work I was putting in translate into the sport I was doing.

I started my journey as a personal trainer over 14 years ago now, but I soon turned my attention to becoming a strength and conditioning coach and now my passion is in sports performance training. I made sure I studied at the best place I could at ‘Team Bath’ with the most amazing coaches and did a season with Bath rugby academy and that has given me the solid foundations I have today. I am now proudly a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach.

I’ve always practiced what I preach, I participate in multiple sports such as Downhill Mountain biking, and that’s where the idea began for me to start my own strength and conditioning business and move away from being a part of a well-established team. I wanted to specialise in a sport I love and focus on providing training plans for amateur and elite athletes.

I want to give back to the sport and help athletes who really need it whatever their ability or age. I feel that the biggest problem in this sport is that strength and conditioning is only available at a top level. The sport comes with such a high injury risk and by just simply providing the below, this can be helped!

• Providing a personalised warm-up and mobility protocol
• Being Fit for the specific sport by improving Strength, Endurance and Power
• Improve Concentration levels
• Increasing Confidence

My main priority has always been to build an academy I could be proud of. The idea was to create a team that would help develop children, youths and adults in sports and provide them with the adequate coaching they require to succeed.

My Approach…
I have absolute respect for the academics and in taking a scientific approach towards training. I’m a technician at heart and plan extensively but I’m not afraid to be different and play with exercise.

I’ve always been incredibly ambitious, determined and have always known I’m not like anyone else! That has shown through my journey in becoming the Coach I am today.

I think it’s very important to do what you’re passionate about and produce work that you’re proud of. Integrity means absolutely everything to me, I don’t think you can go through life just worrying about being liked. Only that you’re respected.

If you like my philosophy then I am the Coach for you.

What’s coming…?
I have a number of exciting projects coming in the MTB world, please check out next month’s follow up on the MTB academy launch!

Anna Greco

Founder, Coach Greco

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