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Slippery When Wet

Aston Hill Dakine 100% Goggles Flow MTB Instruction

Aston Hill for me is always a challenge; it’s steep, technical, rooty and has some features I won’t even attempt.  As we drove over on Good Friday the sun was shining and I was looking forward to some skills sessions in the park stupidly forgetting the heavy downpour from the night before.  Aston Hill in the wet is slippery, really slippery, so slippery I fell over pushing my bike up the hill!

Ever since I crashed in Les Gets and cracked my ribs on a set of banked berms I’ve struggled with them mentally and there are two berms at Aston Hill that have become a nemesis for me. They’re steep, banked and chalky. To try and overcome my fear I had Mark from MTB Instruction with me and had set him the challenge of getting me around the berms. Prior to the berms we’d had slippery roots and slippery mud but now as I faced the wet chalky berms I was starting to wonder how MTB had become my chosen sport! But hey, I love a challenge and fortunately Mark came with lots of patience and after many failed attempts and lots of encouragement I finally made it round the berms.

Mark took lots of photos throughout the day so he could review my technique with me. My recommendation of the day; wear 100% goggles with tinted lenses, they hide the look of fear in your eyes.

100% Accuri goggles, Dakine Mode shorts, Dakine Aura Glove, Dakine Xena 3/4 sleeve jersey

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