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Race Report – Round 1 Pearce Cycles, Kinsham – Corinna Brisbourne

flow mtb rider corinna brisbourne entered the first round of the pearce cycles dowhill series

Flow MTB riders Corinna and Rebecca took park in the first round of the Pearce Cycles downhill series at Kinsham

Now in its 22nd year, the Pearce series is renowned for its slick organisation, good courses, and finely tuned uplift service. A lot of hard graft goes into putting on this race series which is accessible to all riders from your beginner juvenile to elite riders. Kicking off on 8-9 April the first race was held at Kinsham, here’s Corinna’s race report.

After an hours drive over to Kinsham on Friday, I was eager for track walk and couldn’t wait to see what Kinsham had to offer! Track was bone dry and full of variety with steep, rough switchbacks and a flowy top section as well.

Took Saturday practice slowly, the uplift was so quick so I managed to fit in a lot of runs. Starting to carry some pace towards the end of the day I felt confident for racing on Sunday… no crashes had yet been made!

Woke up to a fresh, cool morning… up the track for 9am, the sky at the top was completely clear and the sun was beaming as well! Riding with tints and in only a jersey (no thermals needed), I was happy and felt comfortable and relaxed!

Race runs came round and well… thought I had sorted the track… but turned out I was wrong. I don’t know whether it was the nerves or the adrenaline but I managed to fall off and make mistakes in both runs. Gutted after race runs but still took positives from the weekend, overall I had so much fun and loved the track. Short track and hard to ride smoothly in places it was interesting to ride but ridiculous fun in the dust. I’ll definitely be revisiting there for an uplift.

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