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Race Report – No Fuss Intro (en)duro, Nevis Range – Nina Cameron

Nina Cameron No Fuss Intro Enduro at Nevis Range.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the girls I regularly race against got in touch to see if I was racing at the No Fuss Intro Enduro at Nevis Range.  After a bit of chat, I got my entry in.  

It sounded like it would be a good day where I could get back in the race spirit, ready for the downhill races coming up in the season.

The format of the race was 3 stages that could be covered 3 times each within the time allowed for the day.  The stages were Blue Voodoo, Blue Adder and WIld Goat, all straight forward trails so all set for a good day racing with the girls.

The conditions were very wet and muddy and I got covered in mud and absolutely soaked through.  Typical Lochaber weather! So as the day went on, the trails became muddier and muddier… Hopefully, we’ll get some sunny days for the rest of the races this year.  

I was really pleased with my results for the day, in my age group I was 2nd on stage 1, 2nd on stage 2 and 1st on stage 3 giving me the final position of 2nd in the category.  

I really enjoyed racing this enduro as the whole race was just a great atmosphere. I had so much fun racing with my friends and having fun. I was really happy to come second in the race. All the times were really close and everyone had big smiles at the end of the day!

Nina Cameron No Fuss Intro Enduro at Nevis Range.

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