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Junior rider Corinna joins the Flow MTB race team

Flow MTB adds junior rider Corinna Brisbourne to it's Flow Rider team

Corinna Brisbourne

I am 17 years old and have big aspirations to be involved in mountain biking and believe the best riders are the ones that have the most fun! With Flow MTB behind me I hope to promote female mountain bikers and get more girls involved in the sport; I love riding and in between college get out on my bike as much as I can.

The thought of having other girls to ride with and getting more girls involved in the sport really excites me because not everyone realises just how much fun mountain biking is and it can feel pretty lonely where I live because I never have other girls to go and ride with!

It’s great to feel part of a team and I’m looking forward to the 2017 race season and I hope to come out with some good results under my belt.

Goals for 2017

In 2017 I plan to race the Pearce Downhill series and the MIJ series. Also, first trip to the Alps in the summer finally to ride some “real” mountains. I can’t wait to develop my skills as a rider further on board this team!