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Stay protected on the trails this summer

Heading to the mountains this summer? Stay protected on the trails with 20% off our range of MTB protection.

As with any extreme sport crashing is a part of mountain biking. Regardless of your ability level on the bike, there is always an element of risk when you ride. Everyone crashes from beginners to the best riders in the world. By wearing the right protection you can minimise the risk of injury from a fall.

Selecting the right mountain bike protection depends on the style of mountain biking you’re doing; trail riders choose lightweight knee-pads and an open face helmet whereas downhill riders would be looking for more protection with a full-face helmet and goggles, elbow and knee-pads that are thicker and offer more protection in a fall, gloves to protect hands and body armour to protect their spine.

20% off all protection until 31st July 2017, excludes sale items, enter coupon code stayprotected at checkout.


Full-face helmets feature a hard outer shell, extensive interior padding, a visor and a full chin guard. This level of protection is regarded as essential for downhill riding. Don’t head off on your adventure without one.

Back Protectors

Worn underneath your jersey back protectors are designed to spread the force of an impact and absorb it so you’re less likely to be injured. The women’s Evoc back protectors are designed with long wear, ease of movement and temperature control in mind.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Elbows and knees are often the first to hit the ground in a fall and are particularly vulnerable to injury.  Pads are available with different levels of protection and technology to ensure a secure fit with full movement, comfort and breath-ability. The pads not only absorb impact they’re also abrasion resistant to protect your skin.


As you’ll likely be flying down the trail goggles are a must for full face helmets as they provide superb eye protection from loose earth, rocks and mud that might hit you in the face.


Our instinctive reaction when we fall is to put out our hands to break the fall. After several hours of gripping the handlebars, your hands can take a beating; cushioned mountain bike gloves offer protection from the vibrations of the bike, reducing pressure and numbness and help you maintain your grip even when your hands get sweaty.


We recommend socks that reach up above your ankle, it’s another piece of protection against the bumps and bangs of the trail and with so many color options and styles available socks a great way to accessorize your MTB kit.

MTB Protection

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