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Thinking of entering a mountain bike event in 2018?

We all love riding on our local trails with our mates but if you want to really push your skills how about entering a mountain bike event? There’s so much you can learn from competing against fellow amateurs at an event and you might get to ride a trail which you haven’t explored before. Plus there’s always a warm atmosphere and the chance to meet other riders.

Want to see a friendly face on race day? We’ve put together a handy guide with some of the MTB events our race team plan to attend in 2018, so get planning, book on, and good luck!

Onza Mini Downhill – Forest of Dean

The Mini Downhill series is celebrating their 11th year of racing with a 4 round series, all taking place on the Forest of Dean downhill tracks and running to December 2018

  • 28th January 2018
  • 25th February 2018
  • 25th March 2018
  • 2nd December 2018

Riders will be treated to the best of the Forest of Dean’s trails, with each track designed to be fun and just the right amount of challenging. The mini downhill series is all about using little mountains to create big fun and making races that are a blast for pros and rippers alike – all without the stress of ‘big’ downhill racing.

Doing their bit for female riders the Mini Downhill Series supports 5 women’s categories sponsored by Flow MTB:  U19 Women, Senior Women (19-29), Master Women (30-39), Vets Women (40+), Grand Vets Women (50+)

Suitable for novice to advanced riders who want to give downhill a go, all features are rollable

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UK Gravity Enduro

The trails used in the UK Gravity Enduro events are largely trail centre quality trails, however they do include more challenging and off piste/natural sections where possible to make it enjoyable and challenging for all riders.

  • 28 April Gravity Enduro Series Round 1 Innerleithen, Scotland
  • 26 May Gravity Enduro Series Round 2 Eastridge, West Midlands
  • 23 June Gravity Enduro Series Round 3 Afan, South Wales
  • 25 August Gravity Enduro Series Round 4 Ae Forest, South Scotland
  • 15 September Gravity Enduro Series Round 5 Dyfi, North Wales

The UK Gravity Enduro supports 2 womens categories: Women 14+, Elite Female

Suitable for riders who are comfortable riding off piste.

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Welsh Gravity Enduro

The Welsh Gravity Enduro Series returns in 2018 for its fourth year with the Mash Up Format. The series has 5 rounds each with 3 stages. The stages will primarily be using red trails and red trail centre runs, some black runs and the possibility of a Freeride or DH section.

The 1 day format involves 5 hours of live timing over 3 stages where you can do as many runs as you like, in any order you like, and then check your times in the pits! This creates an amazing rider atmosphere and presence in the pits that other Enduro formats do not have.

  • R1: March 4th Afan Glyncorrwyg
  • R2: March 17th Saturday (Mini Enduro/WGES format to be confirmed) Bike Park Wales
  • R3: May 20th Afan Bike Park (Bryn Bettws Lodge)
  • R4: September 9th Eastridge
  • R5: October 28 th Cwmcarn

The Welsh Gravity Enduro Series supports 6 women’s categories:  Expert/Elite Women (18+), U19 Women, Senior Women (19-29), Master Women (30-39), Vets Women (40+), Grand Vets Women (50+)

Suitable for riders who are confident riding red graded trails.

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Ireland Gravity Enduro

The Gravity Enduro Ireland series is the original national Enduro series in Ireland with events taking place around the country. The format is relaxed and fun; with no transition times you can start the event in any order so it’s the perfect combination of competition and a great day on the bikes with your mates. It’s a two day event with optional practice on Saturday and the race only on Sunday. The course is approximately 25km long and each venue has its own unique terrain and challenges. There are 5, mainly downhill, stages running simultaneously and the person with the lowest accumulative time is the winner.

  • 21/22 April Gravity Enduro Series Round 1 Wicklow
  • 19/20 May Gravity Enduro Series Round 2 Carlow
  • 16/17 June Champs, Dublin
  • 4/5 August Gravity Enduro Series Round 3 Limerick
  • 8/9 September Gravity Enduro Series Round 4 Wicklow

The UK Gravity Enduro supports 2 womens categories: Women’s, Pro Women

Suitable for riders who are comfortable riding off piste.

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Southern Enduro

The Southern Enduro is a multi stage race balanced between downhill and cross country taking in gravity based content from natural lines to man made trails. Transitions link all the stages together making it a good community experience throughout the day. Each race will be run over one day and consist of four stages, predominately downhill. Practice in the morning and race in the afternoon. The fun category is ideal for first time racers, so why not give it a go.

  • Round 1 – Sun 15th April – QECP, Hampshire
  • Round 2 – Sun 10th June – Pippingford Park, East Sussex
  • Round 3 – Sun 5th August – Okeford Hill Bike Park & Blandford Hill Forest, Dorset
  • Round 4 – Sun 23rd September – Milland, West Sussex

Another event known for supporting female riders the Southern Enduro has 8 women’s categories: Female Elite age 18+, Female Senior age 18-29, Female Master age 30-39, Female Veteran age 40+, Female Supers Veteran age 50+, Female FUN age 18+, Female U16s age 14-15, Female U18s age 16-17

Suitable for all levels of rider, find the right category for you.

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Hope Tech Women’s Enduro

The Hope Tech women’s enduro is intended to be a grassroots enduro for women only. With the emphasis on fun the event can be ridden solo or as part of a group. The race involves a shortish lap with 3 downhill stages which you can practice in the morning then race in the afternoon. Only the downhill stages are timed. The downhill stages are suitable for novices but fun for the experienced racer too.  With 300 women racing expect an event with support, encouragement and plenty of atmosphere.

  • 14th October, Gisburn Forest

Categories: U16, U21, Senior, Masters, Vets,  Elite & Hardtail

Suitable for all levels of rider.

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‘Ard Rock Enduro Festival

The ‘Ard Rock takes place in the stunning Swaledale area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. A weekend of Alpine-style riding on epic trails, bands and live music, expo stands and demo bikes from the best brands on the scene, ebike taster sessions, the pump track challenge, quality food, local beers and entertainment with friends; what’s not to like? No wonder it sold our in minutes! With 5 categories Enduro, Enduro Sport, Enduro Sprint, Enduro Intro and MTB Marathon there’s a category for everyone.

  • 3rd-5th August

‘Ard Rock support the same categories for men and women: Senior U30, Masters U40, Veterans U50, Grand Veterans 50+

The ‘Ard Rock Endro Intro is ideal for first timers with the full on Enduro Sprint for those who want to push themselves.

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Pearce Cycles Downhill Series

The Pearce Cycles Downhill Series is a British Cycling Regional A Ranking Series.  Peace events are popular, and the series sells out fast, so be ready when entries open at 7pm on the 31st of January.

  • Round 1 – March 24th and 25th Kinsham
  • Round 2 – May 26th and 27th Bringewood
  • Round 3 – June 23rd and 24th Rhyd Y Felin
  • Round 4 – August 4th and 5th Bucknell
  • Round 5 – September 29th and 30th Hopton

There are 3 women’s categories at the Pearce DH series; Junior, Senior and Elite

The Pearce series sits one level below the British Downhill Series (BDS) so is a good introduction to downhill racing.

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Malvern Festival

A 4 day festival of mountain biking with challenging and exciting events that will see riders of all ages and abilities, race and have fun. There are a variety of events over the weekend so whether you are a seasoned racer or a newbie first timer  you’ll find something to suit you, events include: downhill, cross country, quad eliminator, funnduro, dual slalom, bunny hop, young gun and balance bike racing, long jump contest, manual contest, track stand contest.

  • 15th, 16th and 17th June – Ledbury, Herefordshire

Suitable for all ages and abilities, choose the race that suits you best.

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