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Rebecca Smith

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. Worldwide, slow gains are being made when it comes to increased media coverage of women’s sporting events, the securing of bigger sponsorship for women’s teams and tournaments, more equal pay for women in sport, better support and greater respect overall. It’s time to place a lot more value on women’s sporting contributions and participation. And it’s time to celebrate the people, teams, communities and media who actively choose to support, cover and feature women’s sport.

In our fourth post celebrating our team of female riders we bring you Rebecca Smith. Rebecca’s been with our team since we started it back in 2017.

Rebecca Smith

I love the freedom that riding a bike gives me. I can get home from work and be in riding kit rolling through the woods 20 minutes later with my dog for company. Its so easy to get out that even when the weather is bad its hard to find an excuse; its such a good feeling arriving at the pub as it goes dark, dripping wet and covered in mud. After a busy day in the office a blast through the woods, alone or with friends, is exactly the freedom I’m looking for.

Racing is the exact opposite to a quiet blast in my local woods. Rowdy, boisterous and energetic, the atmosphere at races is a real buzz and the fun of whooping and laughing down tracks with friends is hard to beat. I like the challenge of testing myself against tricky features and trying to find the fastest lines. I am competitive and want to do well but I really enjoy the people and camaraderie. With a busy job racing needs to be fun to keep me going back for more. Fitting in the gym, riding, work, seeing my husband, friends etc can be tricky but I honestly don’t know what other people do with their time. That grin on a mud speckled face at the end of a ride makes it all worth it.

You can follow Rebecca’s progress in the 2019 race season

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