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Give Mountain Biking A Go

International Women's Day 2019

Brands, teams and organisations across cycling are celebrating International Women’s Day. This year’s theme #BalanceForBetter recognizes, though we have come a long way in gender equality, there is still work to be done.

Far fewer women than men cycle regularly in the UK, and yet the physical and mental health benefits of cycling are particularly beneficial for women. Mountain biking, like many adventure sports, has a predominantly ‘male’ image. Stats show that most participants, at professional, amateur and recreational levels, are men. However the stats also show that increasing numbers of women are getting out there and experiencing the fun, challenge and thrill of mountain biking.

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the fact that mountain biking is open to anyone who wants to take a bike out for a spin. We’re especially passionate about seeing more women getting out and giving mountain biking a go and to support this we’re hosting regular social rides and women’s skills courses throughout 2019 with our coaching partner MTB Instruction. You can find all our women’s skills courses on our website

Get 10% off all orders this weekend using code IWD19 at checkout, valid until midnight Sunday 10th March, 2019. Happy International Women’s Day!

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