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Emily Beckett

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. Worldwide, slow gains are being made when it comes to increased media coverage of women’s sporting events, the securing of bigger sponsorship for women’s teams and tournaments, more equal pay for women in sport, better support and greater respect overall. It’s time to place a lot more value on women’s sporting contributions and participation. And it’s time to celebrate the people, teams, communities and media who actively choose to support, cover and feature women’s sport.

This year we thought we’d share a little insight into our team of female riders and celebrate their achievements, today’s rider is Emily Beckett who joins our team for a second year.

Emily Beckett

I love the challenges of mountain biking and the sense of achievement when I do things I previously thought were impossible for me. I love all the beautiful places we get to ride and the feeling of freedom when you’re weaving through trees or floating through the air on jumps. Racing creates even more of the adrenaline buzz we all get from riding and has introduced me to so many new friends, and taken me to new places to ride tracks I wouldn’t normally.

I work as an Advanced Physiotherapy practitioner in primary care, it’s a really exciting but challenging time in my career and juggling a full time job, studying for a masters degree, planning a wedding, renovating a new house and training for racing can at times feel a bit overwhelming, but it just requires military precision time management. I do a couple of gym sessions a week, some before work, and wattbike sessions at suffershire Cheltenham push me to train hard even when I’m struggling with motivation. I eat well and plan my meals around my schedule and have some quick go to meals, and batch cook and freeze things when I have a bit more time. Getting out on the bike at the weekend is my stress relief, my time to spend with friends and my fiance and I just love it.

You can follow Emily’s progress in the 2019 race season

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