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Women’s mountain bike shorts

SHREDLY MTB now available in the UK at Flow MTB

Mountain bike shorts are designed for different styles of riding and with the choices now available to women it may feel a little overwhelming

It’s great to see the range and quality of mountain bike shorts that are being made specifically for female cyclists, with thoughtful attention to detail and fit that can make your ride that much more comfortable and fun. And whilst we love having so much to choose from, we also get that it can be overwhelming if you are new to mountain biking or just don’t know where to start.

Mountain bike shorts are designed to be a loose fitting outer short that are usually worn over a chamois and are typically made from some combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex with the goal of protecting your skin against vegetation , abrasions and crashes. They vary in detail, such as the number of pockets for storage, inseam length, fabric weight, stretch, and overall fit. With so many options, you’ll want to determine the right combination of features to suit your riding style and just as trails range from green to black, from bridleways to steep technical descents, mountain bike shorts are designed for different styles of riding.

Cross Country

Typically, the terrain is fast and rolling, and the distances covered are greater. As a rider, you’re working hard in the saddle, and not too worried about technical terrain in front of you. Cross country mountain bikers want shorts made of lightweight, breathable fabric that has stretch to maximize mobility while pedaling in and out of the seat.

Look for lightweight quick-drying material to help you out on long, warm days on the bike.

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Most of the time we’re all riding trails. However, you might consider yourself a “trail” rider if you ride the same trails as a cross country rider but have a little more suspension on your bike. You might take the alternate route and hit some small jumps along the way, stop and session a tricky technical section… you love riding, but with the emphasize on fun over speed and hard work.

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Enduro/All Mountain

You really love the descent but have a great appreciation of the effort it takes to reach the top, and can’t get enough of the views along the way. If you love long days in the saddle and are prepared to climb and descend multiple times in a ride, then you might consider yourself an all mountain or enduro rider. You’re going to need shorts that can do both: lightweight, breathable, and stretchy for the uphills, but protective and durable for the downhill.

These shorts tend to have a longer inseam to work well with pads, lightweight fabric for ventilation and wind resistance, zippered vents, and zippered pockets to keep your personal items.

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If you’re riding downhill trails, you’re most likely moving at high speeds through rocks, roots and technical features. Whether it’s lift-access bike park or laps at your favorite downhill trail, you’re not doing much uphill pedaling. Downhill riders are not usually as concerned with how lightweight or breathable the shorts are, as they need to be tough, first and foremost, with a longer inseam. Downhill mountain bike shorts should be all about protecting the rider. The fabric should feel substantial and have rip stop construction. You’re already wearing as much protective gear as necessary, a full face helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, so don’t go lightweight on the shorts .

Inseam is also an important consideration for downhill riding. Longer is better. The leg opening should be wide enough to slip over knee pads without a gap or bunching at the knee. You’re looking for optimal protection.

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Other features to consider

Pockets or no pockets? Since mountain bikers almost always have a hydration pack with them, some people think pockets on shorts are redundant. Other riders prefer to have a minimal pack (or no pack) and pop trail necessities (snacks!) into available pockets. Look for shorts with at least one zippered pocket, big enough to hold what you need to carry.

Waist adjusters. Women come in all shapes and sizes so it’s not always easy to find the perfect fit on the first try especially with the inconsistency between brands. If they’re too snug in the hips, they might be too big in the waist. Fortunately all shorts offer some way to customize the waistline to best fit different body types. Velcro, button tabs, and toggles are just some of the types of adjusters.

Stretch: It is rare to find mountain bike shorts that don’t stretch and all, and some have four-way stretch which provides a comfortable, all around relaxed fit.

Weather: Fortunately, fabric technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with significant advancements both in the effectiveness of waterproof kit and its breath-ability. A good pair of waterproof shorts is an essential investment for UK riding!

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View our full range of women’s mountain bike shorts

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Dakine 2018 Women’s MTB Collection Now Available at Flow MTB

Dakine women's MTB collection 2018 available from Flow MTB

Founded in Hawaii in 1979 and located at the base of Mt. Hood in Hood River, Oregon, Dakine make women’s MTB gear riders love. Respect has always been a core Dakine value and their sustainability efforts show their respect of our planet. Dakine make great products, but even the best product has an impact on the environment. So, they’re always working to reduce that impact while still providing durability and functionality. Every year, their knowledge and material options improve, making it easier to approach product design with a variety of techniques that prioritize optimal performance and minimize impact on the environment.

Dakine’s first priority is durability, when gear is built to last it’s less likely to end up in a landfill. They do their best to utilize materials that reduce their impact on the environment and use recycled PET materials from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles in products from backpacks to apparel.

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Glower Clothing’s unique designs now available at Flow MTB

Glower Clothing unique MTB Designs

We’re always on the look out for cool and up-and-coming brands so when An from Glower contacted us about their unique designs for female riders we’re really pleased she did.

Glower puts the fun and adrenaline of a ride down a mountain into their unique designs each hand printed in their workshop in Farnham, Surrey onto carefully selected fair wear clothing. Glower have researched the environmental impacts of their production process and have made choices to limit this wherever possible with garments made from environmentally friendly cotton or recycled materials.

With the outdoors and active pursuits in mind Glower have come up with a collection of brilliant designs inspired by mountains, cycling, snowboarding and music printed onto T-shirts, baseball tees, sweats and hoodies.

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SHREDLY MTB now available in the UK at Flow MTB

SHREDLY was created to bring a burst of fresh style into the world of women’s adventuring while maintaining technical product performance and offering unprecedented comfort. Featuring a multi-sport line of women’s mountain-bike inspired apparel, infused with vibrant colors, innovative designs, and practical attributes (lightweight, yet durable, fabrics with quick-dry properties), allows you to adventure in style!

The MTB LONG: The quintessential women’s mountain bike short with some added length. It boasts a waist adjuster system and invisible thighs vents while offering a longer length for more coverage on those chilly mornings, late night adventures, while wearing knee pads, or for those who have legs that never seem to end. A flattering and stylish look that makes the fact that these shorts are engineered to perform even more undercover.

The MTB CURVY: If you typically find shorts to be too slim fitting in the hips and thighs or always have issues with waist gap, THIS SHORT WAS DESIGNED FOR YOU! The MTB CURVY has a curve-friendly fit through the hips and thighs (thank you magically shaped back panel) and a legging-style, stretchy waistband with a higher rise and an internal draw cord (say goodbye to gapping at the waist). This style also boasts the same technical features found in the MTB LONG which includes: invisible zipper thigh vents, a handy side pocket, and two (deep) hand pockets.

shredly womens mtb shorts now available in the uk from flow mtb

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Fox Women’s MTB Collection 2018

Fox mountain bike clothing is known for its quality, comfort and style. Fox has a long history in MTB and over the years they’ve refined their products, producing some of the best bike wear around.


No matter the terrain, the conditions or the environment Fox’s objective is to design and engineer MTB clothing and protection that perform at the highest level. The passion, aggression and attitude that drove them to change the face of Mountain Biking in the 90’s still pushes them harder than ever to create market leading clothing and protection today.

Fox offers the widest range of mountain biking kit of any manufacturer out there. Nobody else does downhill, trail and XC race kit for women, while also producing, helmets, pads, shoes, goggles, gloves, socks and packs. Not only can you deck yourself out in Fox kit from head to toe, but you can do so knowing that thanks to their ambitious R&D program with their top-level riders, they’ve been able to ensure that everything they make is field tested and proven, to provide you with the best gear every time you hit the trail.

For 2018 Flow MTB are stocking their women’s Flexair range aimed at female downhill riders and the Attack range aimed at trail riders and longer days in the saddle. The main kit colorways for 2018 are lilac and pine and you’ll see these colors not only in the shorts and jerseys but in the women’s gloves and helmets too.

We’ve also listened to your feedback and introduced the Fox Demo downhill riding trousers, whilst these are not women’s specific we think you’ll love them just as much.

Fox Women’s Collection

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FINDRA merino range now available at Flow MTB

Findra Navy merino Base Layer available at Flow MTB

Add a touch of luxury to your MTB wardrobe with the FINDRA merino range.

Using high quality Italian sports merino wool, FINDRA’s garments are durable, practical and with natural wicking properties. Combined with the innovative seamless knitting technology, FINDRA’s ‘Made in Scotland’ performance lifestyle garments are perfect on or off the bike.

View our selection of FINDRA base layers, neck warmers and hats all with free UK delivery.

FINDRA Collection

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Stay protected on the trails this summer

Heading to the mountains this summer? Stay protected on the trails with 20% off our range of MTB protection.

As with any extreme sport crashing is a part of mountain biking. Regardless of your ability level on the bike, there is always an element of risk when you ride. Everyone crashes from beginners to the best riders in the world. By wearing the right protection you can minimise the risk of injury from a fall.

Selecting the right mountain bike protection depends on the style of mountain biking you’re doing; trail riders choose lightweight knee-pads and an open face helmet whereas downhill riders would be looking for more protection with a full-face helmet and goggles, elbow and knee-pads that are thicker and offer more protection in a fall, gloves to protect hands and body armour to protect their spine.

20% off all protection until 31st July 2017, excludes sale items, enter coupon code stayprotected at checkout.


Full-face helmets feature a hard outer shell, extensive interior padding, a visor and a full chin guard. This level of protection is regarded as essential for downhill riding. Don’t head off on your adventure without one.

Back Protectors

Worn underneath your jersey back protectors are designed to spread the force of an impact and absorb it so you’re less likely to be injured. The women’s Evoc back protectors are designed with long wear, ease of movement and temperature control in mind.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Elbows and knees are often the first to hit the ground in a fall and are particularly vulnerable to injury.  Pads are available with different levels of protection and technology to ensure a secure fit with full movement, comfort and breath-ability. The pads not only absorb impact they’re also abrasion resistant to protect your skin.


As you’ll likely be flying down the trail goggles are a must for full face helmets as they provide superb eye protection from loose earth, rocks and mud that might hit you in the face.


Our instinctive reaction when we fall is to put out our hands to break the fall. After several hours of gripping the handlebars, your hands can take a beating; cushioned mountain bike gloves offer protection from the vibrations of the bike, reducing pressure and numbness and help you maintain your grip even when your hands get sweaty.


We recommend socks that reach up above your ankle, it’s another piece of protection against the bumps and bangs of the trail and with so many color options and styles available socks a great way to accessorize your MTB kit.

MTB Protection

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ION 2017 women’s collection now available at Flow MTB

ION is about challenging yourself, experiencing nature and feeling its force.  
ION develops functional cycling clothing, accessories, gloves, protection and new for 2017 their award winning shoes; the Raid_Amp, a flat pedal design and the Rascal a clipless design with a recess for your cleats.

The soles of both shoes have been developed in partnership with Swiss cycling shoe manufacturer Suplest. Both shoes have pre-shaped heel cups, two layer footbeds and cushioned EVA midsole. The front and rear are designed for gripping the ground when you’re off the bike. The main middle of the sole is for pedal traction.

The Rascal has a sole designed with specific forces and torsional reinforcement to counter any foot tilt going on at the pedal.

The Raid_Amp is designed to allow for a bit of give in a lateral sense to allow for better flat pedal feel and handling.

The good news is they start at a size 37 (UK 4) so they’re small enough for women’s feet too!

The women’s Scrub jersey comes in 3 different colors (black, powder blue or sunset pink) and 3 different sleeve lengths (short, 3/4 and long sleeve) so there’s something for everyone.  The Scrub jerseys feature a unique fabric mix: The front body consists of DriRelease® jacquard mesh fabric offering some extra ventilation with the casual look of cotton shirt but dries four times faster. The sleeves and the back of the body section are made of light and very breathable pique mesh jersey, which is Sanitized® finished to keep you dry and fresh all the time.

Match any of the ION jersey with the Scrub or Traze bike shorts which combine highly functional, ultra breathable 2way-stretch fabrics with robust 4way-stretch for additional protection and flex. The fast drying and very breathable back yoke insert, ventilation holes, and additional waist make for the perfect fitting shorts. Both the Scrub and Traze are a regular fit classic boardshorts cut for best possible performance to take you from the trails to the bike park.

ION Women’s MTB Collection

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Sombrio 2017 women’s collection now available at Flow MTB


Since the beginning, Sombrio has been committed to developing high performance apparel for women who ride. They strongly believe that women require the same versatile silhouettes as men because they know we ride just as hard. The Sombrio Cartel Women’s Collection is designed by women who ride and tested by some of the industries top female athletes like Jill Kintner, the reigning Queen of Crankworx, Anneke Beerten and Rachel Strait.

Their 2017 collection doesn’t disappoint. Bringing new surf inspired colors to the popular V’al shorts and Lily gloves and a marble print to the 3/4 sleeve Noble and long sleeve Burst jerseys there’s something to appeal to all.


THE COAST – it’s that mystical place at the edge of the ocean, where roost meets wave. Where you can stand in the sand and catch the scent of the pines and the sea in one breath of air. It’s where we always feel at home.

Crafted from premium lightweight fabrics with mobility, comfort and protection from the elements in mind, the 2017 collection is inspired by the mountains and ocean just beyond our front door in Vancouver, BC.

A seasonal pop of colour compliments our heritage pallet and playful retro prints to bring versatile silhouettes to life. The 2017 Sombrio collection boasts wearable elements that support the riders’ lifestyle.

Sombrio Women’s MTB Collection

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DHaRCO 2017 women’s MTB range now available in the UK from Flow MTB

DHaRCO women's MTB clothing; cycling shorts and jerseys

Born in Sydney’s own North Shore, DHaRCO has become one of Australia’s leading clothing brands and now it’s available in the UK.

Their motto “no ordinary life” comes from the belief that mountain biking creates an amazing lifestyle. Whomever you are in the day to day world, when you get on the bike life is just awesome. Any stress of the day is gone. Biking gives you a sense of freedom, adrenaline, and good times with mates.


DHaRCO believe amazing fabric, a great fit and common sense technical features makes for great bike clothing. They use simple, functional lines and don’t believe in marketing gimmick features instead focusing on what their customers want as riders. Sourcing performance fabrics where the “performance element” is built into the yarns of the fabric, not a chemical applied afterwards gives superior quick drying and moisture wicking performance and also means it won’t wash or wear out. It is also more eco-friendly, and we like that!


DHaRCO Women’s MTB Collection

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