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DHaRCO 2018 women’s collection now available at Flow MTB

DHaRCO Hawaiian Flamingo 3/4 sleeve jersey

Born in Sydney’s own North Shore, DHaRCO has become one of Australia’s leading clothing brands and now it’s available in the UK.


Their motto “no ordinary life” comes from the belief that mountain biking creates an amazing lifestyle. Whomever you are in the day to day world, when you get on the bike life is just awesome. Any stress of the day is gone. Biking gives you a sense of freedom, adrenaline, and good times with mates.


DHaRCO believe amazing fabric, a great fit and common sense technical features makes for great bike clothing. They use simple, functional lines and don’t believe in marketing gimmick features instead focusing on what their customers want as riders. Sourcing performance fabrics where the “performance element” is built into the yarns of the fabric, not a chemical applied afterwards gives superior quick drying and moisture wicking performance and also means it won’t wash or wear out. It is also more eco-friendly, and we like that!

DHaRCO Collection


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ION 2018 women’s collection now available at Flow MTB

ION Bike 2018 womens MTB Downhill Freeride collection

ION is a brand run by passionate people, whose big love has always been watersports.  ION’s unique combination of high quality products wrapped in a progressive style and design found fans all over the world. In 2012, ION took the same approach to the slopes, launching a separate bike division with functional cycling gear, clothing, accessories, gloves and protection.

ION is about challenging yourself, experiencing nature and feeling its force. ION develops gear that is not only smart and innovative, but also transforms this passion into an unique design.

ION Women’s Collection

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