Flow MTB rider Korinne Shat at NDH's Ae Forest TT January 2017

Flow MTB rider Korinne Shaw entered her first race of 2017, Northern Downhill’s (NDH) Trail Bike TT at Ae Forest


NDH’s trail bike TT is a downhill style event aimed at riders on enduro / trail bikes and are held on trail centre trails making them fun for everyone and are a great way to start out in MTB competitions. You can find out more about NDH and their upcoming events on their website www.northerndownhill.co.uk

The event took place on 15th January with 124 riders competing, 22 women across 2 categories; under 31 and 31+.  Here’s Korinne’s race report.

It was the second weekend in January and still with my winter podge I was heading up to Ae forest in Scotland for the first round of the NDH downhill events of 2017.

There was snow on the roads but it was raining so I was interested to see conditions on track. When I got there, I met up with a few of the other girls who were racing and had a good natter about what to expect. Some of the girls that were there I hadn’t seen since the Foxhunt in October so it was nice to see them.

After a few bike checks and messing around with tyre pressure I headed up for my first practice run and to have a look at the course as I had no idea what the course was like.

It was a fast, flowy track which started off with a fire road sprint into a hairpin bend down onto the main track which was rocky and many people seemed to be getting punctures in their practice. The lower section of the course was really fun, with a little off camber grass/mud section and two drops which were just the right height to pop off. In the last little section, the NDH team had decided to swap the boardwalk finish with a nice slippy woodland dash to the finish line.

I enjoyed my two practice runs and felt confident with the course and there were no sections or features that could catch me out.

My first race run got off to a good start with some powerful pedal strokes down the fire road and I managed to keep some speed through the hairpin. The bike took a bit if a beating over the rocky sections and I thought for a second I had lost my chain. I pedaled down over the drops and into the wooded section at the bottom and it felt as though the ground was swallowing me up. All my speed just disappeared and when I crossed the finish line I felt as though I couldn’t really have done any more but was a bit confused as to what I was doing wrong in the last little section.

I headed back to see my time and a solid 2.30 popped up on the screen. There were no other results to compare to and so I wasn’t really sure if it was going to be any good in my category. By the time I wandered back to the car I realised that I had suffered a puncture and my rear tyre was as flat as a pancake. If you’ve ever seen a frantic blonde wrestling with a muddy tyre then you know exactly how I looked. Mind you, it was probably the quickest I’ve ever changed a tyre before in my life!!

My second race run, again felt positive and I pedaled my heart out down the track and was determined to pick a better / quicker line through the bog at the bottom but when I went over the last drop I heard my tyre hiss and realised I had another flat!! Limping over the finish line I was a little disheartened as luck wasn’t on my side but, on reflection, I’m happy with my personal performance and knew that I couldn’t have done any more to improve on my time.

Overall the day was awesome, the track was fun and I’d 100% head up to Ae for a day to see what other trails the forest has to offer. The company of the girls was great and I felt so much more relaxed than I have done in the past, knowing now that I am a more confident rider and I have learnt from my past mistakes.

Hopefully going forward luck will be on my side a little more often.


Flow MTB Rider

RankBibNameRun 1Run 2Best runDiff
1108Cairn BELL1:53.350 (1)1:53.060 (1)1:53.060    –
2109Katie PURVIS2:03.790 (2)DNF2:03.79010.730s
324Diana MCLAREN2:10.289 (4)2:05.780 (2)2:05.78012.720s
4106Zara KANE2:08.840 (3)2:10.889 (3)2:08.84015.780s
5105Emma JONES2:18.930 (5)2:15.060 (4)2:15.06022.000s
626Michelle LEE2:54.000 (7)2:27.860 (5)2:27.86034.800s
711Korinne SHAW2:30.170 (6)2:29.200 (6)2:29.20036.140s
8104Denise COX5:38.440 (8)DNF5:38.4403:45.380
RankBibNameRun 1Run 2Best runDiff
193Margaret WEIR2:00.510 (1)1:56.289 (1)1:56.289
2161Amelia TAYLORDNF2:02.600 (2)2:02.6006.311s
398Yvonne HAY2:03.040 (2)2:03.620 (3)2:03.0406.751s
4102Cat HIRST2:10.350 (4)2:08.979 (4)2:08.97912.690s
558Julia ANDERSON2:09.820 (3)2:10.550 (5)2:09.82013.531s
6101Sarah VAYRO2:11.009 (5)2:13.350 (6)2:11.00914.720s
797Nicola YOUNG2:19.579 (8)2:14.970 (7)2:14.97018.681s
891Liz LAW2:17.280 (6)2:18.270 (8)2:17.28020.991s
992Emma KNOWLES2:18.890 (7)2:23.150 (10)2:18.89022.601s
1095Michaela TIERNAN2:46.270 (12)2:20.570 (9)2:20.57024.281s
11100Jade MCDONALD2:28.550 (9)2:31.260 (12)2:28.55032.261s
12112Kelly DRURY2:34.650 (11)2:30.350 (11)2:30.35034.061s
1396Caroline BUCHANAN2:30.440 (10)2:35.770 (13)2:30.44034.151s
1494Emma FLOCKTON2:58.960 (13)3:08.890 (14)2:58.9601:02.671

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